Pastor Appreciation Month

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October is Pastor Appreciation Month, so why not let all
the kids in your ministry express their gratitude and appreciation
for your pastor?

You’ll need colorful paper, markers, paint, paintbrushes, sheet
protectors, and a large three-ring binder.

Give each child a piece of paper to create a page. Infants and
toddlers can each stamp a foot or handprint, while an adult writes
their names and ages on the papers. Encourage preschoolers to draw
their favorite things about church and write their names. Give
elementary-age kids the writing prompt, “Dear Pastor, thank you
for…,” and have them include an artistic creation.

Insert kids’ pages back-to-back into the page protectors, and
then secure them in the binder. Create a cover page with kids’
photos and the title, “Our Pastor Appreciation Book.” Kids can
surprise your pastor with the gift during an adult worship

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Lisa Leonard
New Providence, New Jersey


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