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Outreach: Adopt a Sports Team

Children's Ministry Magazine

To help build relationships within your children's church's local community, have your children's ministry adopt a sports team from an area high school or recreational league...

It's best if the team doesn't include anyone in your children's ministry, but it might include teenagers who attend your church.

At the beginning of the sports season, contact the coach to let him or her know the specifics of your plan and to gain his or her approval. Find out the team's schedule and arrange for small groups of children to attend home games to cheer the team. Invite team members to be honored guests at a pizza party. Provide soft drinks or treats as a surprise during practice. You can attach notes that say: "Our church's children support [the team name]." Have your kids paint banners to hang at the school or game. Pray for the team's safety, unity, growth, and special needs.

Talk with your children about reaching out with God's love even though they may never know the impact their actions have on individual team members. Then watch how God works!

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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