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Q&Amp;A with Christine Yount Jones

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Listen in as we dig into why co-writing the groundbreaking
Celebration Station resource was so important to our executive
editor, Christine Yount Jones.

Q: Group and Celebrate Recovery, that’s an interesting
partnership. How did that happen?

A: Celebrate Recovery programs are in over 10,000
churches around the world, but they had no comprehensive resource
for kids. The Celebrate Recovery (CR) founder John Baker and his
son, Johnny, who’s also on the CR staff, invited us to explore a
partnership. After just a few hours of sharing our hearts for the
children of people in CR, we all knew this was from God. John said
that Celebrate Recovery had been translated into nine languages; he
wanted us to translate it into “child.”

Q: Why was creating the Celebration
Station companion resource to Celebrate Recovery especially
meaningful to you?

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A: I’m an adult child of an alcoholic, so I know what
it’s like to need extra help functioning in a dysfunctional family.
I remember praying and praying that my dad would stop drinking.
That prayer was never answered. So I also know what it’s like to
not trust the simple Sunday school answers. I wanted to create a
resource that was like “Sunday school with an edge.” Creating
Celebration Station was meaningful because I felt I was helping all
those kids who live in homes like I did — that God could take the
brokenness of my life and help kids all over the world, that was

Q: You’ve said that writing Celebration
Station was actually healing for you. What do you mean by

A: Celebrate Recovery is based on the Beatitudes.
Thousands of people’s lives are changed every year through CR. So
as I immersed myself in understanding the principles, God used the
principles to work in my heart. For example, one day I was anxious
about my son joining the Marines and God reminded me to take it
“one day at a time.” And it really worked! I’m excited for kids to
get to know Jesus through the principles in Celebration Station,

To see Christine Yount Jones’ videocast about Celebration Station,
click on the link below to view the video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tPSYPpzYG0

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