Our Sacrifice at Thanksgiving


Our children’s ministry department leads a children’s worship
service the Wednesday night or Sunday morning before or after
Thanksgiving. This meaningful part of our worship service involves
and excites our children.

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Two weeks in advance, teachers ask children to each think of one
special thing they’re thankful for. We also send home notes to the
parents, letting them know about this special Thanksgiving event
and inviting them to attend.

One week in advance, teachers help the children make a facsimile
or token that’ll represent the item they’re thankful for, such as a
drawn picture, written words or a paper model of the object. An
original poem or words to a song can also help children more fully
express their thankfulness.

During the Thanksgiving service, the worship leader reads an
appropriate scripture such as Psalm 107:22. Children come to the front of
the church with their offerings while the choir or congregation
sings an appropriate hymn; for example, “Come, Ye Thankful People,
Come” or “We Are So Blessed.”

The worship leader encourages the children to lay their sacrifices
of thanksgiving on the altar or in an appropriate place. The
children stay to offer silent prayers of thanksgiving. Adults are
then encouraged to join the children at the front of the church.
Afterward, the worship leader says a prayer of thanksgiving.

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The items are left at the altar while children and adults return
to their seats.

You can brighten up shut-ins or nursing home residents’ lives by
later giving them each one of the sacrifices the children have

Martin Johnson
Wichita, Kansas

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