Noah’s Ark Craft: Orange Arks


Use this Noah’s Ark craft: Orange Arks with your preschoolers.

Before kids arrive, scoop out the sections of the orange halves, keeping the peel intact, and place them in

bowls. Have kids clean their hands, and give each child a plate with a scooped-out-peel–this will be the ark. Then give each child a bowl with orange sections and a handful of animal crackers.

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Let kids have fun placing their animals in and out of the ark for a few moments before you give thanks to God for the snack and allow kids to eat.

As kids eat, remind them that God used the ark to keep Noah’s family and two of every kind of animal safe during the flood.

Supplies: seedless oranges or clementines cut in half, animal crackers, spoon, small paper plates, paper or foam bowls, antibacterial gel (optional)


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