Operation Kid to Kid: Looking Back


We're back in the states now and it's hard to communicate our experience to people. I wondered often about the difference we were making in kids' lives. And I think the DR Compassion Communication Director helped me get a glimpse of that at our last meeting.

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He said so often these kids are pushed aside at home, in the streets, everywhere they go. But then a group of 30 people come to town and what they most want to do is spend time with them. We loved them, gave to them, photographed them. Yes, it was brief. But for a day we gave them a happy time. He said that communicated to these kids that "I really am important." That's pretty cool!

The other thing I think I'm impacted by is that I need to think globally in my actions. As we drove through neighborhoods, I started to judge the people who were just sitting around not being productive. And God convicted me that I spend a lot of time doing nothing…just sitting by the side of the road. How can I be more productive to give more, serve more, pray more? I'm asking God to change me in this area.

If you are looking for a great mission trip experience, I just want you to know that I highly recommend LifeTree Adventures (that's the group that organized our trip). It was safe, well-organized, and meaningful. Check it out at www.lifetreeadventures.com. The trip was worth every penny!

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