Open Letter From a Single Mom


I feel I can speak for single parents (I’ve been single now for
four years). Single parents have a unique set of needs and burdens.
We’re so alone, and when we’re first divorced or widowed, we lack
direction. We get weary and exhausted. Anybody who’s conscientious
about daily responsibilities-meals, housework, laundry, car upkeep,
finances, correspondence, reading time-just gets worn down.

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The church is unaware, and many people don’t have a clue what
it’s like for single parents. Everyone’s busy and caught up in
their own lives. Yet most people have someone else to help shoulder
their burden. The Bible promises that God will be a husband and
father for us, but I wish the church would help fulfill the role of

We need God’s unconditional love and acceptance through the
church. Divorce is so traumatic; please reach out to us.

The most important thing you can do is pray for us — whether
you know us or not. Second, offer single parents a “listening ear”
because we don’t have anyone else to share our concerns or feelings

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I won’t leave my church because I need the church and I believe
the church needs me. God can use my singleness to help both of us
grow. Through awareness and sensitivity, the church can minister to
single parents and keep us from walking away. Please reach out.

Vickie Taylor

Vickie Taylor lives with her three children in

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