One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Try these ideas for a ministry update.

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Karaoke Night at the Snack Shack — Host a hangout where kids can
eat their favorite snacks such as hot dogs, nachos, snow cones, or
pizza. Provide a stage, lighting, and a sound system for kids to
sing praise and worship songs with their friends.

Outdoor Bike-In Movie Theater — Some activities are timeless and
never lose their appeal. Invite the community to share the fun of
outdoor movie theaters. Encourage families to bring blankets to sit
on; sell popcorn and soft drinks as you show the movie on the side
of your church building or on four white sheets sewn together and
hung between trees.

Collectors Road Show — Set up booths or tables where kids can
showcase and discuss their favorite collections. Kids collect all
sorts of things such as stamps, cards, cars, and dolls to name just
a few.

Crafter’s Market — This ministry allows kids to express their
creativity through art projects. Consider setting up a store to
sell the crafts and earn money to support another ministry. Tithe
the profits.

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Special Interest Groups — Photography, writing and book
publication, pet parades, reading circles, and bike clubs are just
a few activities kids will love.

Web Design and Multimedia Classes — Our kids are part of the Web
generation and possess technical skills far beyond those of many
adults. Encourage leaders to develop a Web and media ministry with
basic classes that support your church’s children’s ministry

Support Groups-Kids need safe places to express their feelings and
learn how to deal with life situations. Some groups you may
consider are Kids of Divorce, Dealing with Emotions, Peer Pressure,
New Kid on the Block, Conflict Resolution, or Grief and

Service Opportunities — Kids are looking for ways to become
active in missions, and when on mission children can change the
world around them. Include several levels of involvement so
everyone can participate. Look for service projects within your
church, community, and state.

Family Concerts — Encourage families to spend time together and
spotlight your ministry by bringing in special guest musicians,
comedians, or illusionists. Invite the community for these
fun-filled events.

Fine Arts — Drama, clowning, music, puppetry, drawing, painting,
and pottery are all ministries kids enjoy. Allow kids the creative
freedom to express their feelings, explore biblical concepts, and
apply truth to their lives.

Sports — Individual and team sports offer kids physical fitness,
strength, and endurance as they grow spiritually fit. Skills camps,
recreation leagues, and intramural games are some of the regulars.
Expand and hold your own olympics, open a skate park, or design an
on-site miniature golf course.

RaNae Street is the director of children’s ministry and
Christine McKee is the assistant director of children’s ministry at
Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio.

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