One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Assess your wardrobe. Begin the redesign process by evaluating
your current programs, classes, and events. Are you recycling the
old and faded programs to fit today’s kids? It just may be time to
clean out your closet and discard the programs that once fit or
have become outdated. It’s okay to pack up programs that were once
very successful and purposeful if they don’t fit your kids

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Remember the spiritual garment tip from Jesus in Mark 2:21: “No one sews a patch of unshrunk
cloth on an old garment. If he does, the new piece will pull away
from the old, making the tear worse.”

Think outside your closet. Try new ideas by moving beyond
traditional Sunday school, vacation Bible school, and midweek
programming. Ideas are endless and change constantly — just like
the kids you serve.  Make whatever you offer unique to your
church and you’ll set your ministry apart from others.

Mix and match your wardrobe. Try new styles, colors, and sizes.
Offer programming different nights of the week or different times
of the day. Create a new room arrangement, or move the event off
your church campus. Consider recruiting new leaders or rearranging
your leadership to work with different age groups.

Involve kids in the planning. Ownership in a class, program, or
event proves it’ll be successful. Kids know what they like and what
will and won’t work with their peers. Trust and value their

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Shop for bargains. Research your community’s resources. Local
businesses or other nonprofit organizations may be willing to share
or provide materials, talents, and ideas.

Publicize your ministry. Bulletins and newsletters aren’t your
only source for informing families about a new opportunity.
Consider using newspaper press releases, live radio spots, personal
invitations, walking billboards, phone trees, and the Internet.
Business owners within our congregation are willing to post
information on their store windows and employee bulletin boards.
The most effective marketing strategy is to encourage kids to
invite their friends.

Iron out the wrinkles. If a program is worth hosting, it’s worth
executing with excellence. Prepare your leadership team with a
detailed ministry plan. Ask the important questions and allow
enough time to turn the idea into a reality. After the event,
evaluate it honestly so you’ll know what to adjust next time.

Closely examining your ministry’s closet of opportunities allows
you to see what fits and what needs to be replaced or added.
Research what your kids enjoy, and invite them to plan events and
activities with your leadership team. Being mindful of the kids you
serve and your community’s needs will further enhance and expand
the outreach of your ministry and allow you to have something for
everyone to wear.

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