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Foundational Factors-The milestones are
designed to enhance the important life moments during which
families are turning toward the church and most open to its
partnership. The system strategically trains and equips parents to
be the primary faith influencers at those key points and in
between. Kingsland’s Milestone system has these key elements.

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Milestones: Kingsland focuses on seven key milestones
beginning with the birth of a child to living a life in Christ as
an adult. These milestones serve as a road map to a person’s entire

Milestone Champions: The milestones each have a
champion within the ministry. For example, the birth of a child
milestone may be championed by a children’s or preschool minister.
This champion “owns” the milestone and is a key influencer with
families in this area. The champion is the parent partner for that
particular milestone.

Parent Seminars: Parent seminars are the prerequisite
for families to participate in the church event for each milestone.
Each seminar is an education tool for parents so they understand
what they’re committing to for that milestone as the key influencer
in their child’s life. The goal of parent seminars is for parents
to develop “core competencies”-key principles they’ll implement in
their daily lives. The core competencies are the underlying basis
for each milestone.

Church Events: Kingsland has a churchwide event to mark the

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Once families reach one milestone they turn toward the next, which
may occur in several months or in several years. The Legacy
Milestone strategy allows families to move forward at an individual
pace and to enter onto the path at any life stage.

View From the Road

The Legacy Milestone approach to family ministry has been
remarkably effective at Kingsland–and Haynes believes it’s easily
replicable for other churches. That’s largely due to its intuitive,
natural model. The strategy doesn’t rely on a total program
overhaul for most churches because they’re already recognizing
milestones. It doesn’t require large numbers of volunteers to
sustain it. It doesn’t demand a slew of new programs; in fact,
quite the opposite. Haynes says any ministry considering this
approach must “simplify and eliminate.”

“The milestones aren’t just a program,” adds executive pastor Dayle
Lowry, “but a strategy on how we do ministry. We work together as a
staff. We share victories…and we have a clearly identified
strategy we’re all working toward. And it’s exciting to hear that
when children make that decision to ask Jesus into their hearts,
they’re praying with their parents. Now children are sharing their
story of salvation with us rather than us telling children about
salvation. Mom and Dad understand that it’s their calling,
responsibility, and privilege to be their child’s primary faith

This strategy transformed the entire church. “Our mission statement
now reads: ‘Kingsland’s quest is to love God, love people, and
equip the generations one home at a time,’ ” says Haynes, who
believes that visibility and buy-in from all leadership have helped
the wholesale success of the strategy. The message is literally

“Part of keeping the idea in front of people is to do it visually
and subliminally,” says Haynes. “They catch glimpses of the
strategy as they walk down the hall at church, surf our website,
get coffee in the resource center, or check their email. In a quiet
way we’re always whispering, ‘Remember, seven milestones and a path
to walk.’ “

Returning Home

Patrick and Shannon McCrory cuddle their infant daughter, Evie, as
she contentedly plays with the strings of her Sunday bonnet atop
Mom’s lap.

“As you think about starting your family, you start thinking, How
in the world are we supposed to do this thing?” Patrick says
thoughtfully. “At Kingsland, with the milestone ministry, we
realized there are steps along the way and the church can help us
do our job as the primary faith influencer at home. It’s been
absolutely fantastic to know that we’re on this journey with other
people and our church,” says Patrick.

“The milestones helped us recognize the task before us,” adds
Shannon, patting Evie’s back. “The task ahead is a little
overwhelming,” she laughs, “but it’s an awesome task. And we know
we have a partner along the way.”

“To any pastor who would be wearied by the thought of taking on
another program on his or her plate, I would say, this is not a
program,” says Kennedy. “It’s not an appendage to our church; it is
who we are. We equip the generations to walk alongside Christ, one
home at a time. If you look at it that way, you’re going to be in
for the ride of your life. Go back to the simplicity of it: One
mom, one dad, one kid, one home at a time.”

the legacy milestones

Milestone 1: Birth of a Child

Milestone 2: Faith Commitment

Milestone 3: Preparing for Adolescence

Milestone 4: Commitment to Purity

Milestone 5: Passage to Adulthood

Milestone 6: High School Graduation

Milestone 7: Life in Christ

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