Oh, the Lessons They’ll Learn!


Use Dr. Seuss’ whimsical books to set the stage for
introducing biblical wisdom to children

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The whimsical world of Dr. Seuss has entertained and educated
children and adults for the last 64 years with stories that rhyme
and charismatic characters who delight their listening audience.
Underneath the silliness, Dr. Seuss’ stories tend to shed light on
human nature and the world we live in. They can also be used to
relate the gospel and biblical wisdom in a colorful way.

So…when you find you’re in the mood to run and play, when
rhyming sounds like just the plan for the day, take these lessons
that can’t be beat, and let Dr. Seuss teach that the Bible is neat!
You can use all these lessons for a full week of summer camp. Or
use a lesson every now and then to reinforce a Sunday school lesson
that has the same theme.

Sharing Jesus

From The Book — “Taste and see that the Lord
is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him” (Psalm

Here’s the Hook — Kids will learn about
sharing Jesus with others and trying something different.

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You’ll need two plates of mashed potatoes — one white and one
mixed with green food coloring.

Ask kids which plate of mashed potatoes they’d rather eat. Tell
them you’re going to read Green Eggs and Ham, and you’ll
need a volunteer during the story to take a bite of the white
mashed potatoes every time the man in the book says, “I do not like
them, Sam-I-am.” Every time he says, “I like green eggs and ham!”
the volunteer will take a bite out of the green potatoes.

Read the book Green Eggs and Ham. After you’ve read the story,
ask, “Why do you think Sam wanted to share the green eggs and ham
with his friend? Why didn’t his friend want to try them? Do you
think you’d want to try green eggs and ham? Why or why not? When
was the first time you heard about Jesus? Did you want to become
Jesus’ friend right away? After you discovered that Jesus was good,
did you want to tell your friends? Why or why not?”

Say, “Today’s verse is Psalm 34:8. It says ‘Taste and see that
the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.’ Many
of you have ‘tasted’ or tried out God’s way. It may’ve been scary
at first, but once you tried it, you liked it! You may have friends
who don’t know about Jesus and are scared to come to church. You
need to take Jesus to them just as Sam in this story took something
new to his friend!” 

Eat That Food!
You’ll need celery sticks, green apples, green jelly beans, peeled
kiwi fruit, green M&M’s candy, poster board, and a brass

Cut out a poster-board circle and draw five pie sections on the
circle. Write one of the above food items in each section. Draw and
cut out an arrow from a different piece of poster board, and attach
the arrow to the poster-board circle with a brass brad to help it

Have kids take turns spinning the wheel. Wheel-spinners must eat
whatever food comes up on the wheel. Play until each person has had
a turn.


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