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Obey the Lord your God

Use this fun-filled children's ministry skit to teach the importance of our obedience to God's Word. Preschool children love puppets and this lesson includes tips on creating simple, yet effective, puppets to use with this lesson.

Have children sit in a circle. Hold up a puppet. Have the puppet greet the children, then go through the following puppet skit. Encourage children to help the puppet understand why it's important to have rules.

Teacher: (Name of puppet), why don't you tell us about some of the rules you have at your house?

Puppet: We have lots and lots of rules at my house. My dad says that I have to pick up my toys before I go to bed. I think that's a silly rule, don't you?

Teacher: Maybe your dad wants you to pick up your toys at night so you don't trip on them when you wake up in the morning.

Puppet: Well, I guess that's a good idea. But let me tell you about another rule. I have to ask my mom before I eat a cookie from the cookie jar. What's good about that rule?

Teacher: Children, why is it a good idea to ask your mom or dad before you eat cookies? Pause for children's responses.

Puppet: I did eat too many cookies once, and I had a whopping stomachache. But what about all the rules for going outside? I have to look both ways before I cross the street and hold my babysitter's hand all the time. Why can't I just walk by myself?

Teacher: Children, why is it a good idea to hold a grown-up's hand when you're walking outside? Pause for children's responses. You see, (name of puppet), our parents give us rules because they love us and want to keep us safe. God's rules help keep us safe too. Children, can you name some rules that God wants us to follow? Pause for children's responses.

Puppet: OK, OK. I guess rules aren't that bad. I'll try to obey the rules at home and preschool this week. I want to stay safe. Will you obey the rules at your homes this week, too?

Pause for children to answer, then say: When we obey the rules, we stay safe and happy. When we disobey the rules, we displease our parents and God, and sometimes we even get hurt. It's important to obey our moms and dads, and it's important to obey the Lord your God.

Leader Tip

Preschool children love puppets! Use any puppet you have on hand, or create a simple puppet by drawing a face on a paper lunch-sack or an old white sock.


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