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Nursery Tip: Through Baby’s Eyes

Give yourself a new perspective on nursery safety by positioning yourself in all the places babies "hang out." Kneel down at baby's eye-level in the swings, infant seats, cribs, and rocking chairs. Crawl around on the floor and look toward the walls at that level. Lie on your back and look up. Do you see anything that could be dangerous, such as sharp corners or parts of toys that could be pulled over? Is there anything attractive or stimulating to view from that angle?

Wallpaper borders in nurseries are best placed along the floorboard or at an adult's shoulder level so babies can enjoy the pretty colors and patterns. Ceiling murals, posters, or bright objects securely fastened to the ceiling can offer babies something to look up at.

Try to assess your nursery from this perspective every couple of months to make sure you're seeing the world from a baby's eye-view.

Mary J. Davis

Montrose, Iowa

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