Postpartum: 9 Perfect Gifts for New Moms

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Nursery Ministry Ideas: When a mom gives birth to a baby, use one of these gift ideas from your ministry to make her feel special.

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  • Oh-so-practical: Fill a basket with practical items, such as baby nail clippers, bulb syringe, syrup of ipecac, thermometer, bibs, socks, wipes, diapers, and T-shirts. Fill the basket, wrap it in pink or blue cellophane, and tie it with a ribbon.
  • Just for Mom: Pamper Mom with peppermint foot-massage cream. If you really want to be like Jesus, give her a foot massage.
  • Free baby-sitting: Give Mom and Dad a dozen coupons for free baby-sitting.
  • Special delivery: Call ahead, then have pizza or Chinese food delivered to give Mom a break.
  • Deal a meal: Have church members sign up to deliver meals for an entire month.
  • Hotline: Give new moms the phone numbers of parents who’d be willing to answer any question at any time — even in the middle of the night.
  • Nondegree program: Invite parents to a special four-week class to cover the basics of Christian parenting.
  • Gift of life: Plant a tree or donate to a charity in the child’s name.
  • Write it down: Give the new parents a special journal to write prayers and thoughts about their new child.For loads more great ideas like these in every issue, subscribe today to Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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