Nursery Notes: Miracle of Jericho


A fun and active way to introduce toddlers to God’s miracle that
occured at the Battle of Jericho. We’ve also included a babies’
social timeline to help you better prepare to work with young

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Lead toddlers in singing this song to the tune of “London
Bridge.” Encourage them to do the motions in parentheses.
March around the wall today. (March in a circle.)
Shout, “Hoo-ray!” (Shout!)
March around the wall today.
God will help us. (Point to heaven.)

Jericho is falling down, (Hold hands and march in a circle.)
Falling down,
Falling down.
Jericho is falling down
To the ground. (Sit on the floor.)
Adapted from Group’s Hands-On Bible Curriculumª for
Toddlers and 2’s


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Babies are very social beings. Take a look at this social time
line to determine what you can expect at different ages:
*6 weeks-Smiles are short-lived and not for anyone in
*2 to 3 months-Smiles are directed at people and toys.
*4 months-Laughs, but may cry around strangers.
*5 or 6 months-May get an adult’s attention to hear a song
*7 months-Uses gestures to get attention.
*8 months-Hugs familiar people and plays Peek-a-Boo.
*12 or 13 months-Imitates adults.
*15 months-Displays empathy toward others.
*18 months-Soothes herself in unfamiliar settings.
*2 years-Shys away from strangers.
*3 years-Feels more secure and is more outgoing.



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