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Nursery Notes

A fun and active way to introduce toddlers to God's miracle that occured at the Battle of Jericho. We've also included a babies' social timeline to help you better prepare to work with young children.


Lead toddlers in singing this song to the tune of "London Bridge." Encourage them to do the motions in parentheses.
March around the wall today. (March in a circle.)
Shout, "Hoo-ray!" (Shout!)
March around the wall today.
God will help us. (Point to heaven.)

Jericho is falling down, (Hold hands and march in a circle.)
Falling down,
Falling down.
Jericho is falling down
To the ground. (Sit on the floor.)
Adapted from Group's Hands-On Bible Curriculumª for Toddlers and 2's.


Babies are very social beings. Take a look at this social time line to determine what you can expect at different ages:
*6 weeks-Smiles are short-lived and not for anyone in particular.
*2 to 3 months-Smiles are directed at people and toys.
*4 months-Laughs, but may cry around strangers.
*5 or 6 months-May get an adult's attention to hear a song again.
*7 months-Uses gestures to get attention.
*8 months-Hugs familiar people and plays Peek-a-Boo.
*12 or 13 months-Imitates adults.
*15 months-Displays empathy toward others.
*18 months-Soothes herself in unfamiliar settings.
*2 years-Shys away from strangers.
*3 years-Feels more secure and is more outgoing.

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