November/December 2015 Web Exclusives


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  • Visual Learning: Visual Learning is just one of the learning styles. Check out learning-styles-online for an overview of the other styles. And don’t forget to download the creation silhouette templates to help your babies learn about all that God created. (From “Nursery,” page 22.)
  • Portraits: Use our portrait template to talk with kids about how they can be God’s children. (From “Elementary,” page 29.)
  • Heroes: Help your preteens to develop characteristics of Bible heroes. Download the masks to lead the Heroes devotion with your preteens.  (From “Preteen,” page 34.)
  • For the Love: Enter to win a free copy of Jen Hatmaker’s book, For the Love. (From “Let’s Talk About Love,” page 64.) Simply leave a comment describing what you think kids today need to know about love. We’ll select a winner from the comments section on November 30, 2015!
  • Children’s Ministry Magazine’s 12 Days of Christmas Song: We’ve compiled the lyrics of the song and our Children’s Ministry Magazine team made a YouTube video of ourselves just for you! It may be cheesy, but we wanted a special way to wish you a Merry Christmas! We also want to see YOU singing it with the kids in your ministry. Record it on your phone and post it to our Facebook page!  (From “12 Days of Christmas,” page 91.)
  • Day 1: Jesus is the Light of the World: Let kids take an object lesson home; give them the color-changing water bottles and the Light to Dark Instructions page so they can safely share Jesus’ light with their friends and family. (From “12 Days of Christmas,” page 92.)
  • Day 2: His Perfect Plan: Download the “Mind Map” and make copies for kids. Encourage them to take home the plans so they can dig into God’s perfect plan. (From “12 Days of Christmas,” page 93.)
  • Day 4: God’s Gift, Jesus: Use our template to help kids make special gift boxes as they learn about the greatest gift: Jesus. (From “12 Days of Christmas,” page 94.)
  • Day 11: The Prophecies Are Fulfilled: Buy the Oldify app for the iPhone and Android. Then get to work “oldifying” your kids. (From “12 Days of Christmas,” page 97.)
  • On Becoming a Mermaid: Need some encouragement? Download our Heart Matters Devotional. (From “Heart Matters,” page 106.)

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November/December 2015 Web Exclusives
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