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Just avoided a big "oops" in Buzz: Tomb Raiders (Bible stories about resurrections). It's the story of Saul and the witch of Endor from 1 Samuel 28. And, yes, I had approved it earlier in the Scope and Sequence without reading the full text. Upon reading the story, though, I'm cutting it now. We won't include it because it'll raise questions that aren't appropriate for fifth- and sixth-graders to grapple with.

Basically, the story goes like this: God wasn't speaking to Saul, so Saul went to a medium and had her "raise" Samuel. Which she did. And Samuel talked to Saul about why God wasn't speaking to him.

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Yikes! What do you do with a story like that with kids? Yes, it's in the Bible. But how can we reconcile that the powers of darkness worked and then Samuel spoke on God's behalf? Well, as an adult, I'm confused!

So it's not a story we'd choose to cover with kids in any of our curriculum. But that brings up a question: What are the filters you use in your children's ministry for which Bible stories you will and won't use with kids of different ages?

Not That One, This One!
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