No-Hassle Affirmations


Your volunteers love to be affirmed, but many may prefer simplicity when it comes to what really speaks to them. Consider these tips for keeping your affirmations simple and authentic.

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Make it consumable. Some volunteers say they prefer something practical they can use, eat, or wear over something that’ll take up space on a shelf for decades to come. Think lotion, chocolates, or a ministry T-shirt.

Don’t get extravagant. Most ministries don’t have an overabundant budget for affirmations, but even if you do, remember that your volunteers aren’t likely to expect — or want — anything that seems extravagant by ministry terms. People who are willing to give their time, energy, and resources to support your ministry may be unhappy if they perceive that a significant amount of money was used to purchase gift items or an expensive meal. If someone outside the ministry donates special items or meals, make the fact of the donation known to your volunteers.


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