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New Year's Extravaganza

We've had a variety of events on New Year's Day. Use our ideas to ring in the new year at your church.

Have a Bigger and Better scavenger hunt. Form groups of six children and one adult. Give each child a penny. Send each group out in its adult's car. For two hours, group members must each go to a different house, knock on the door, tell what church they're from and explain the Bigger and Better scavenger hunt. Kids might say, "I have a penny here. Can you give me something bigger and better than a penny?" Kids have to exchange eight times at different houses.

While kids are gone, adult volunteers wash and attach 50 feet of plastic PVC rain gutters from the hardware store. Then adults lay the pipe on a long row of tables for a great banana split boat.

When kids return, an independent panel of judges chooses the winning Bigger and Better item. Then kids use tons of ice cream, bananas and toppings to make a 50-foot banana split. (You may want to make this smaller or bigger, depending on the number of kids in your group. On an average, 6 inches per child is enough.) While they eat, kids tell their stories and laugh about all that happened.

Kids won't have to resolve to remember this New Year's extravaganza.

Rodney Bertholet
Glendora, California

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