KidMin: A New Kind of Children’s Ministry Conference


If you’re in children’s ministry, seriously think about coming to Group’s KidMin Conference.

We definitely think you should join us for an amazing time of deeper learning that leads to transformation, authentic conversations that become supportive relationships, and a renewed passion for the God you serve.

Here’s what’s true about our children’s ministry conference.

Jesus is the real “celebrity.” We’re inviting amazing people to speak and lead, but they’re not the “stars.” They’re here to challenge us to grow in our relationship with Jesus as we grow more effective in our ministry to children and families. Jesus is our biggest headliner at the KidMin Conference.

Relationships trump the show. The KidMin Conference facilitates connection more than a staged show. Sure, you’ll get great speakers and musicians, but what happens off-stage is way more important than that. Simply put, we’re all more attracted to, and feel more comfortable in, authentic environments rather than performance-oriented, showy settings. Ministry is about relationships, and this is a ministry conference.

You matter to us. Our KidMin conference is a conference by children’s ministers, for children’s ministers. This is for leaders and volunteers—everyone who ministers to children. When you come to our conference, it’ll be like a giant reunion—with people who love you, support you, and believe in you! We want you to feel known, seen, celebrated, and challenged. And we’ve planned everything with you in mind—we want your team to come away refreshed and renewed.

Learning isn’t about lecture. REAL learning (Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-Based) is threaded through every facet of our conference. You’ll learn through interactions and experiences—more than you ever would from a long lecture. You’ll find tables in meeting rooms that are more conducive to conversation. We’ve also created places for informal conversations and we’ll formally connect you with a networking group that’s facing the same issues you are. You won’t feel alone at this conference!

Going deeper instead of wider. We’ve formed this ministry experience around 8-hour tracks that dig deeper into a subject so you have the space to really learn. And we’re giving you tons of other workshops to meet more of your specific needs. You won’t worry about how one workshop fits with another because we’ll help you connect the dots. At the end of our conference, we’ll help you put all the pieces together to create a workable plan to use back at home.

So…excited yet? I hope so because we’re really excited to be with you at our next Group KidMin Conference. 

KidMin: A New Kind of Children’s Ministry Conference
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