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New Kid on Staff

Martin Johnson

If you're in a situation where you have to do something big to capture the attention of your church and community, do something new in one of these existing programs. Then scale back or return to a more strategic and carefully planned schedule.

•Sunday School Electives-Have teachers choose a course they'd like to teach. Set up enough of these courses to accommodate all your children. Rotate the children through the various course offerings at the rate of one class every two to four weeks. Do this for one quarter to build interest and reinvigorate the Sunday school program and the teachers.

•VBS-Style Sunday School-Using a quality vacation Bible school program as your theme and resource, create a new and temporary look for your Sunday school program. This will inspire your children, families, and teachers. It'll also provide a great outreach to the community. Do it up big.

•Wednesday Night Children's Church-This will bring new excitement to an otherwise drab weeknight club or choir program.

•Kids' Night Out-Open the church gym for organized games and free play for third- through sixth-graders each Friday night for three months. This serves as an interest-builder and outreach program. After a ton of games, provide a snack and quickie lesson followed by a cool-down video.

•Sunday Morning Children's Sermon-It's a simple addition but very effective. Read or tell a story, do an object lesson, or dress in a costume. Whatever you do, make it appropriate for children yet meaningful for the adults. If you capture the children's attention, you'll be sure to have the adults' attention as well.

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