Need to Breathe


I heard this on KLOVE in regard to the band "Need to Breathe" and where their name came from. It inspires me! (And I used it in my July/Aug Children's Ministry Magazine Editor Letter.)

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There's a story told about the philosopher Socrates lecturing a group of students around a body of water. One student asked Socrates, "When, great teacher, do I know when I am truly seeking knowledge?" Without answering, Socrates walked over and pushed the student's head underwater. When the student tried desperately to push up out of the water, Socrates finally let him go. Then the wise philosopher said, "When you desire knowledge as desperately as you desired air to breathe, you know you're truly seeking knowledge."

How desperate are you to keep learning? How much do you gasp for the air of truth and knowledge in your relationship with God and your children's ministry?


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