Nativity Snack


Create this recipe with your family to better understand why
Jesus is the reason for the season. (In addition to the contents of
this kit, you’ll need wax paper and a can of frosting.)
Without using the frosting or any other supplies, encourage your
family to try to build a barn using the four pretzel rods as posts
and the two graham crackers as a roof.
Lay out wax paper and spread frosting on it. Stick the pretzel rods
in vertically, making sure there’s enough frosting around them to
secure them in place. Use frosting to glue the graham cracker roof
on the pretzel rods.
Set up a nativity scene inside the barn, using the Hershey Treasure
as a manger. Use frosting to secure the Tootsie Roll on the manger
as baby Jesus. Place the two pretzel sticks (Mary and Joseph), the
marshmallow sheep, and the other animals (animal crackers) in the
frosting base, using extra frosting as needed.

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Ask: Why was the frosting so important to this snack?
Why is Jesus important to our lives?

Say: Just as we needed the frosting for our snack, we need
Jesus to hold our lives together. He came at Christmas to be born
for us and live for us. At Easter, he died on the cross because he
wants to have a forever friendship with us in heaven. Now that’s a
reason to celebrate!

Enjoy your nativity snack together.


Excerpted from Children’s Ministry


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