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Nativity Blocks

joyWith a little imagination and a pile of blocks, simple toys become a scene straight from the birth of Jesus.

You'll Need
1. Nativity set
2. Building blocks such as LEGO toys, Lincoln Logs, or wooden blocks
3. Digital camera
(on-hand supplies: paper and pencils)

Step 1 Clear an open space to build with blocks. Talk about which Christmas scenes you'd like to create with the blocks and the figures from the nativity set.

Step 2
Get in groups of four, and build a Christmas scene. For example, one group may build the road to Bethlehem, leading to the inn where Mary and Joseph were turned away and finally to the stable where Jesus was born.

Step 3
Pose for a photo or two of your scene.

When all the scenes are photographed, upload the photos to a computer and create a slideshow for all to view.

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