Name Games


Use these icebreaker games with kids to help them get to know
each other.

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Who Am I?
Have kids sit in a circle. Tell kids you’re going to play “Who Am
I?” where kids walk around the circle just like Duck-Duck-Goose.
But in this version It taps kids on the head and says, “Friend,
friend, friend — Who are you?” The child who’s tagged on “you,”
shouts his or her name and then chases It around the circle. Play
until all children have been tagged.

Tell kids that you’ll call out body parts they have to match to
another child. For example, if you call out “elbows,” kids find
someone to touch elbows with. Each time they have to find a new
person to make a match. (For older kids, you can make the match
requirements more complex, such as “Ears and red shoes.”)

Call out these body parts and characteristics:

  1. ears
  2. feet
  3. heads
  4. backs
  5. hair
  6. hands

Each time kids match up, stop and ask these questions:

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  1. Why did your parents give you your name?
  2. What’s your favorite color?



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