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My Faith Is Like A Seed

Reader Submitted

Lead kids in the following story. Have them do the actions in the parentheses:

I will plant my seed of faith (right hand places seed in open fist of left hand). Water it (wiggle fingers of right hand over the left fist) with prayer (put hands together in prayer). Keep it warm with love (lay right hand over top of left fist, gently hug). And watch my seed grow like me, (poke finger of right hand slowly up through the hole in the fist of the left hand as though a plant is sprouting in a pot) to reach my father up above.

After the children finish the finger play, talk about how Jesus has given us each a seed of faith within our hearts.

Ask: How can we learn about Jesus?

Say: By learning about God, our little seed of faith will grow into a big, beautiful faith in our hearts.

Cindy Newell
Fort Collins, Colorado

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