My Cup Overfloweth


My cup overflows, I'm spread too thin, my rubber band's about to pop. No matter what metaphor I use, you get the picture. I'm overwhelmed! I'm doing so much work with much less time. And when I share that with my co-workers, looking for some semblance of sympathy, they say "welcome to the club" or "who isn't?"

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And, seriously, who isn't these days? Who isn't doing more with less in this economy and cutbacks in churches and businesses? We're all stretched to the point, I'm afraid, of breaking.

And, the truth is when we're about to overflow, that's when people learn what's really in our cups! I'm grateful that here at Group we work really hard on the foundations of having a healthy culture. One of the key things we emphasize and practice is "direct communication." I have a feeling that when all of our cups are overflowing, we may just have a bigger "side order of conflict" (which our pastor preached on this Sunday). I'm not looking forward to conflict or having my stuff overflow, but I'm grateful that I live and work in a culture that treasures keeping short tabs.

I hope this is some encouragement to you as well. Because in my heart of hearts, I know we're all maxed out. God, give us grace to live among one another with peace and mercy in the midst of being overwhelmed! Amen!

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