Multistory Structures


An engaging Bible activity that will teach children the
importance of friendship.

Topic: Friendship
Scripture: Luke 10:25-37
Game Overview: Kids will build multistoried
buildings and learn how important support can be.
Game Type: Low energy
Supplies: Bible, stopwatch, index cards, sugar
cubes, paper sacks, popped popcorn

Preparation: For each pair of kids, provide a
sack of popcorn, a sack containing sugar cubes, and twelve index
cards. Be sure to have extra popcorn to munch on later! Have kids
form pairs, and hand each pair a sack of sugar cubes, a sack of
popcorn, and twelve index cards. Say: You’ll work with your partner
to build two multistoried buildings. For the first building, use
six index cards as six floors with layers of popcorn between the
floors. I’ll time you to see how fast you can build it. For the
second building, use six index cards as six floors with layers of
sugar cubes between floors. I’ll time you to see how fast you can
built that, too! Ready? Build your first building with cards and

Time the first building project, and then time the second
building project. Gather and admire the structures, and discuss the
following questions:

  • Which buildings were easier to build? Why?
  • Which buildings will stand stronger and sturdier? Why?

Read aloud Luke 10:25-37; then ask:

  • In what ways did the Samaritan support the hurt man?
  • In what ways can you support your friends?

Say: Without supporting our friends, our
friendships may tumble. Have kids blow on their popcorn towers to
tumble them. But when we support our friends with kindness,
understanding, and faith, we know our friendships will stand
strong! Have kids gently blow on their sugar cube towers-the towers
should remain standing.

Then eat some more popcorn and enjoy your friends!


Multistory Structures
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