Mother’s Day Magnet


Kids will enjoy making this special Mother’s Day Magnet for their mothers. Lead kids in the following steps:


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  1. Trace and cut out one large flower shape with three petals from white card stock.
  2. Trace and cut out three small petals from white card stock.
  3. Paint the large flower shape green. Paint the small petals different colors.
  4. Glue the three small petals to the top of the green flower shape. Allow the green petals to show between the colored petals.
  5. Curve all the petals under by bending the edges around a pencil.
  6. Glue a gob of glitter in the center of the petals.
  7. Write a greeting to your mother on the green petals, such as “I love you, Mom.”
  8. Glue a magnet or safety pin to the back.

-Judith Moy
San Gabriel, California


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Mother’s Day Magnet
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