Mother’s Day Lesson Grades 4 through 6


Fun Bible activity and lesson ideas for kids in grades 4th
through 6th on Mother’s Day.

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1. Getting Ready: One week prior to
Mother’s Day, have children make tea-cup-shaped notes inviting
their mother to their room for a “TEA-RRIFIC” Mother’s Day
Celebration. Staple a tea bag to each note. Mail notes to mothers
of absent children.

Have children fold an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of poster board in half.
Have children decorate their poster board with markers or paint.
Have them write on one side, “I love you” and on the other side, “I
won’t forget your advice.”

Help kids prepare a presentation for their mothers. Read aloud
the story from 1 Kings 3:16-28 about King Solomon settling
the dispute between two mothers.

Afterward, *ask: Does the real mother’s action seem
like the most loving thing for the baby? Why or why not? How does
your mother show her love to you?

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*Say: Solomon recognized the love of the real mother
because her love was so great she wanted no harm to come to her
child. Our mothers love us deeply, too.

Allow children to select props and rehearse lines to present
this story as the initial skit in their Mother’s Day Celebration.
Use the Bible text for any needed narration.

Have children brainstorm areas where it’s difficult to listen to
and obey their mothers. Have kids prepare these areas as skits to
present to their mothers following the King Solomon skit. Plan to
recite Proverbs 1:8 between each scene: “Do not
forget your mother’s advice.”

2. Curtains!: Now, you’re all ready. On
Mother’s Day, have kids’ mothers visit your class. Your
presentation may look like this:
•    Scene 1: Solomon Skit
•    Scene 2: A mother turns off a TV program a
child is watching.
•    Scene 3: A mother refuses to buy her child
something just because everyone else has it.
•    Scene 4: A mother doesn’t approve of her
child’s friend.
•    Scene 5: A child grumbles about weekly chores.
Conclude with children presenting their mothers with their message
card. Mothers can display these on a dresser or counter.

3. Snack: Have children serve heart-shaped
raisin bread and hot tea to their mothers. The bread can be topped
with flavored cream cheese spread for an added treat.

You’ll need: Sliced raisin bread, butter, cinnamon, and
heart-shaped cookie cutters.

Directions: Help children cut a heart shape in
their raisin bread. Then spread butter on the bread. Sprinkle with
a little cinnamon. Tell kids that this is a snack they could make
for their mothers today (with a little help from Mom).

Robyn Kundert is a Sunday school teacher in Nebraska. Please
keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject
to change.



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