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Mother's Day

Lois Putnam

Invite mothers, grandmothers, and special female guests to accompany children to this party during your Sunday school or children's church hour.

Serve cupcakes and punch. For punch, add scoops of rainbow sherbet to raspberry juice. Then pour lemon soda over the sherbet. Have children serve their guests.

Pin the Corsage on Mom-Tape a drawing of a woman's head and shoulders to the wall. Draw a heart on the left shoulder where a corsage would go.

Give mothers and children tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make into paper corsages. Here's how. Place two sheets of tissue paper together and fold back and forth as if making a paper fan. Grasp the papers in the middle and twist a pipe cleaner around both sheets. Fluff into a flower.

Blindfold each player in turn, spin the player around once, then have the player press the corsage onto the drawing where he or she thinks it should go. Tape the corsage to that place. Once everyone has played, award each mother a real corsage.

Mom Game-Form pairs. Give each pair a paper cup full of M&M's candy and O-shaped cereal (such as Cheerios). Explain that each pair should spell "Mom" out of their candy and cereal as many times as possible in two minutes. Begin the game, and call time after two minutes. Count the number of words each pair made, then award two mugs full of M&M's candy to the winning pair.

Two weeks before your celebration, have children make homemade soap balls. Use water to moisten Ivory Snow flakes to the consistency of a very stiff dough. Divide the dough into several bowls. Add a different perfume and food coloring to each bowl for variety.
Have children shape large spoonfuls of the soap dough into balls. Place the balls on trays to harden.

In your next class, have each child wrap three soap balls in colored cellophane paper and tie the package with a pretty ribbon.

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