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On the Spot

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Say: “Did you know that according to Barna
Research Group, most people who believe in Christ as their Savior,
do so before age 12?” Give each person a 3×5 card with a spot drawn
in the middle of the card.

Say: “Spend a minute thinking about what you
see on the card. What does the spot say to you-or not say to you?
(Allow time.) “Turn to a partner and talk about what you thought
about the spot. (Allow two minutes.) I’d like to hear what you
talked about. What did you think about the spot? (Take four or five
responses.) “In each of us there’s a spot-an empty spot that needs
to be filled. Unfortunately, from the day we’re born we try to fill
it with the wrong things. Some try food, others try games, and
still others try alcohol, drugs, sex, violence…the list can go on
and on. We know we have this spot, and we know it needs to be
filled. We just can’t seem to figure out what to place in it.
Sadly, people who try false substitutes find out, usually too late,
that the spot is still empty and they’re not satisfied.

“The only thing that can fill the spot is Jesus Christ. And
that’s why it’s a privilege to minister to children. We can
introduce them to Christ at an early age. We can spare them years
of agony. We can help them fill up their spot with the love and
grace of Jesus Christ.”

Clock or Compass?

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

Challenge your volunteers to consider their priorities with this

Display a clock and a compass. Give volunteers one minute to
write all the details they can about the clock. Then do the same
for the compass. When time is up, compare what they discovered.

Say: The clock represents our commitments,
appointments, schedules, goals, and activities. It’s how we manage
our time. The compass represents our vision, values, principles,
mission, direction-and our relationship with God.

Jesus understood the importance of balancing the clock and the

Read aloud John 15:5. Say: We all face the
challenge of trying to live by the compass, not the clock. Keeping
the compass in mind helps us keep the big picture in view.

Ask: What is your direction? How can you better
balance your ministry? Your life?

Close in prayer, asking Jesus to help volunteers live by the
compass and to maintain balance in ministry and in life.

Bill Love
Royal Oak, Michigan

Big Presents, Little Package

Share a light-hearted moment of joy and discovery with your
volunteers. You’ll need a small matchbox stuffed completely with
tiny items such as a staple, paper clip, stamp, dental floss, dime,
pin, safety pin, button, string, ribbon, bead, nail, toothpick,
pebble, and seed. Gift wrap the filled box.

Place the tiny gift where all can see, and ask your volunteers
to guess what tiny gift might be inside the box. Give them thirty
seconds to write their guess. Then ask one volunteer to unwrap the
gift and display what’s inside.

Ask: Were you surprised by how much was inside
such a tiny box? Why or why not? How is this gift like or unlike
the children in our ministry?

Say: The children we minister to are a lot like
this box-they’re small on the outside, but they’re filled with
great treasures.

Ask: How can we celebrate our children’s gifts?
How can we focus on kids’ treasures more in our ministry? How can
you celebrate those gifts in your role?

Close in prayer, thanking God for each child in your



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