Molded to Be Holy Object Lesson

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This Molded to Be Holy object lesson will have a profound impact on the way the kids in your children’s ministry view being holy.

Molded to Be Holy Object Lesson

The Point: God calls us to be holy.

Best for: Grades 1 and up

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:15-16

Supplies: You’ll need Bibles and aluminum foil.

Give kids each a piece of aluminum foil big enough to cover their face. Ask them each to place the foil on their face and create a mold by pressing the foil to their face.

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moldedHave them examine the mold they’ve made. Say: You’ve made an impression of your face, but the foil isn’t really you, is it? It looks a little like you, but It’s not you. It’s just an impression of who you are. Have kids then give their foil impression to someone else. Have the other people mold the foil impression to their face and then return it to the original person.

Ask: What changed about your foil?

Read aloud 1 Peter 1:15-16.

Ask: What’s one thing that would change in your life if you were holy like God is holy?

Say: Even though the foil was in the shape of your face, now it bears the resemblance of someone else. That’s something like what it means to be holy. We all look like ourselves, but we bear a resemblance to God. Holiness is God’s impression on us. We still look like ourselves, but God wants us to look like him in the ways we live and think. 

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