How to Get Model Behavior From Kids


Here’s expert advice on the best and most effective discipline solutions to use with kids.

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You love kids—that’s why you dedicate hours preparing for lessons and teaching them about God’s love. You’re committed to children’s ministry…but you could do without the discipline challenges you face almost every time you enter your room. You’re not alone—discipline is the biggest obstacle teachers face. Consider these statistics:

Children’s ministers everywhere ask for effective discipline solutions. In fact, we’ve heard from our thousands of readers that discipline is the #1 problem you face when working with kids.

Children’s Ministry Magazine went on a search for discipline solutions in the top discipline models available. We checked out what classroom management theorists say about discipline. We discovered there are tons of effective discipline models out there—many of which have been successfully adopted in public schools. And one reason these discipline models are effective is they do what discipline is meant to do: train kids to meet higher standards of behavior. These models have endured because they give teachers the tools they need to eliminate discipline issues.

Active Learning in Cradle Roll

The discipline models here focus on training kids to manage themselves while addressing the root of discipline challenges, rather than simply reacting to poor behavior choices. Read on to get the low-down on how to implement the best discipline techniques in your classroom today.

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