Mix It Up


Theme: The church

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Text: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Preparation: Bring cookie dough in a bowl, a
cup of flour, an egg, a large spoon, and a plastic spoon for each

The Message: Who’d like to eat these
ingredients? (Hold up the flour and egg.) What other ingredients do
these ingredients need to make them taste better? (Kids may answer
chocolate chips, sugar or vanilla.) How can these ingredients
become something that tastes better?

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These ingredients need to be mixed up with other ingredients to
taste better. (Read the scripture.)

Turn to a partner and tell your partner one good ingredient he or
she has that makes our church “taste better,” such as a sweet smile
or a great voice. (Give kids one minute.)

What would happen if we left out an ingredient from our recipe?
What would happen if one of us wasn’t mixed into our church?

(As you give each child a spoonful of cookie dough, say things
such as the following.) You’re an important ingredient in our
church. Our church is a better place because you’re mixed into

Let’s pray. Father, thank you for all the unique and wonderful
children who make a great recipe for our church.

Eric Wooding
Michigan City, Indiana

Copyright© 1992 Group Publishing, Inc. / Children’s Ministry

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