Ministry Lessons From Walt Disney


Cue #4: Seeing With Kids’ Eyes

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Disney’s colors are bright, bright, and bright — kid-friendly
for sure!

Sad to say, but the opposite is usually true in many churches.
Children are marched into a beige room and set in brown chairs.
Often it’s because the adults who picked the colors picked them
based on adult tastes. But if you want to say to children, “We love
you, and we prepared this with you in mind,” then decorate with
colors they like.

Cued In

  1. Identify children’s ministry rooms, hallways, and areas that
    aren’t decorated in kid-friendly ways.
  2. Pick out kid-friendly colors to decorate with by asking
    children, looking on leading kids’ Web sites such as
    and, and visiting local kid-friendly places such as
    toy stores, amusement parks, and restaurants such as Chuck E.
    Cheese’s and McDonald’s.

Cue #5: First-Class Service

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Employees each have a badge that shows they’re there to serve.
We were greeted with smiles and a here-to-help attitude. It was the
little, first-class touches that impressed us. Even when we bought
souvenirs, employees delivered them to the front gate for us to
pick up that evening.

Walt Disney World employee Jim Cunningham says, “It’s 10 percent
product and 90 percent service. It’s the type of service received
that usually determines the decisions customers make.”

No matter how much follow-up we do with visitors to our church,
if people have a bad experience on their first visit, they probably
won’t come back. We must invest time in making sure the first
experience they have with us is a first-class one.

One of the things we’re moving toward at our church to give a
first-class touch is a host program. We want every new family who
pulls into our parking lot to be greeted by a host family. The host
family will be in the same stage of life as the guest family so
they’ll have common interests. The host family will stay with them
during their entire first experience at our church. They’ll walk
with them and help them check their children into classes and then
sit with them during the adult worship service. After the worship
service, they’ll walk with them to pick up their children, walk
them out to their car, and thank them for coming before they leave.
A day or two later, the host family will call the visiting family
to ask if they have any questions about the church and to thank
them again for coming.

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