Mini Easter Garden


We use this Mini Easter Garden craft to help children remember the garden tomb that the women visited early on Easter morning.

What you’ll need:

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For each child, you’ll need

  • a shallow dish or tray;
  • garden soil;
  • moss,
  • cut grass or sand;
  • craft sticks;
  • glue;
  • a small pot;
  • a flat stone large enough to cover the mouth of the pot;
  • egg cups (or other small containers);
  • small flowers; and
  • gravel.

Tell kids to:

• Fill your tray with soil.
• Arrange the soil to make a hill on one side of the tray and a flat area on the other.
• Cover the soil with moss, grass, or sand.
• Make crosses with the craft sticks and glue. Then place them on the hilltop.
• Press the small pot into the “hillside” to make a cave or tomb.
Place the stone over the mouth of the tomb.
• Press the egg cups into the soil around the flat “garden” area and fill them with the small flowers.
• Using the gravel, make a path coming from the tomb to show how the disciples ran there on Easter morning.
When the scenes are completed, gather children around the gardens and retell the Easter story. When the part of the story is read where the rock is rolled away, have children move back the stones from their tombs to show that they’re empty.

Susan Grover
Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Mini Easter Garden
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