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As I’m preparing for my Point Leader Summit workshop at the Conspire Conference (Willow Creek–April 23-25), I’m intrigued by how the prognosticators of generations nailed it with Millennials.

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For years, I’ve been studying what the experts say about Millennials (born 1982-2002) and it’s amazing to see that they were right! (Gives me great confidence in what they’re saying about Futuristics–born from 2002 on, too.)

One key factor of Millennials is that they want to change the world together. Did you know that U.S. schoolchildren raised more than $10 million for Katrina relief–more than most corporate giants? And Group’s Operation Kid2Kid outreach is the largest kid-to-kid outreach in the world? Hundreds of thousands of children give to children around the world. It’s very cool!

How have you seen the truth of Millennials having a heart for service in your community and/or church?

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