Miles of Smiles



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Miles of Smiles

One important ingredient for a friendly church is a genuine
smile. It’s not that we have to train people to smile; we simply
need to place greeters where their smiles will shine. And watch the
contagious nature of a smile after that!

  • Greetings-”A smile brightens everyone’s day.
    When someone smiles at you, it sets you at ease,” Echols says.
    “Along with our overall church greeting team, we place children’s
    ministry volunteers at our main entrances and the entrances to our
    children’s ministry environments to greet kids and families as they
    enter the church.”
    A long-standing guideline with our Group Workcamps foundation is
    the “10-foot rule.” All volunteers and staff are trained that
    whenever someone comes within 10 feet of them to flash a genuine
    smile. The 10-foot rule could transform your church!
  • Goodbyes-Ministries have usually perfected the
    first 10 minutes of friendliness. Church growth experts are
    finding, though, that the first 10 minutes may not be the most
    important. Dr. Charles Arn, president of Church Growth, Inc., says
    in an Off the Agenda blog interview: “We also asked the focus
    groups when they decided that the church was friendly or not. From
    the answers we got, there’s a 10-minute window that’s pregnant with
    opportunities for a church to make a good impression. And it wasn’t
    the 10 minutes I expected…More than any other time, folks said, ‘I
    decided this was a friendly church in the 10 minutes following the
    conclusion of the service.’ Many feel that’s the first time people
    are free to be themselves.”
    How friendly is your ministry in the last 10 minutes when parents
    are frantically retrieving their children?
  • Fun, Fun, Fun-The best way to put a smile on a
    child’s face is to create a ministry that’s enjoyable. Add humor.
    Play with kids. When kids go home and tell their parents what a
    great time they had, that’ll put a smile on parents’ faces

This is excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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