Easter Memory Magnets


Preteens can make these Easter memory magnets as a reminder of the miracle that happened that day.

You’ll need cardboard, scissors, pebbles, glue, clothespins, paper, pens, and self-adhesive magnetic strips.

Precut two strips of cardboard for each preteen, one the same length and width as the clothespin and the other the same width but slightly shorter.

Kids glue the long strip to one side of the clothespin and the other strip across it to make a cross. Then kids glue pebbles to the cross, and attach a self-adhesive magnetic strip to the other side of the clothespin. They’ll write, “ ‘He isn’t here! He is risen.’—Luke 24:6” on paper and clip it in the clothespin.

Tell kids the pebbles remind us of the stone that rolled away, and the cross reminds us that Jesus’ tomb was empty on Easter. Kids can put these on their refrigerators as Easter keepsakes.

Karen Pennington
Jamestown, New York

Easter Memory Magnets
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