Memorial Day Lesson Grades 4 through 6


Use this 15-minute Bible activity and lesson to help
children understand and honor Memorial Day.

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1. A Special Guest: Invite a veteran to talk
with your class about his or her wartime experience. Ask the
veteran to share about missing home, friends he or she made or
lost, and daily events.

Say: “This week we’re celebrating Memorial Day. What is
Memorial Day? On Memorial Day, we remember those who died in wars.
Because they died, we have freedom. Introduce your guest as someone
who was willing to fight for your country.”

Encourage kids to ask questions after your guest speaks. Then
thank your guest.

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2. For a Friend: Read aloud John 15:13. Have kids form pairs to discuss
the following questions. Allow two minutes for discussion after
each question; then have one or two pairs tell their thoughts.

The questions: What do you think this verse means?
Jesus showed us his love by dying for us. Who would you be willing
to die for? What would be the hardest part about dying for

3. Thanks a Lot: Say: “Let’s show our
appreciation to the veterans in our church for being willing to die
for our country. Provide art supplies to make thank you cards.”
Deliver the cards to the veterans in your church.

4. In Memory: Close with this short prayer,
“Thank you Lord for those who died in war.” Have each child thank
God for one freedom or privilege we have because others died. For
example, kids may pray, “Thank you that we have schools.”

5. Snack: In clear cups, layer sliced
strawberries and blueberries. Finish with a dollop of whipped
topping and serve to your class, reminding them to be thankful for
people who are willing to die for our country.

Ask: “Why were you willing to give up your treat? How’s
it feel to know others will enjoy a yummy snack because of what you
gave up? Soon we’ll celebrate Memorial Day. That’s when we remember
all the American men and women who died serving our country. Why do
you think they gave their lives?”

Ask: “Would any of you like to give your snack to
a student in another class?”

Say: “You gave up your treat so friends could enjoy
something special. That’s like the men and women who gave their
lives so we could enjoy living in America. God gave something
special for us, too.” (Read the Scripture.) “God gave his son Jesus
so we could enjoy eternal life in heaven.” (Distribute cups of
Cheezits or some other snack.) “As you eat your special treat,
remember that many brave Americans gave their lives for our
country. Let’s thank God for the wonderful sacrifice he made for
us, too.” (Close in prayer.)

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