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Me, Myself, and My Children's Ministry

Nathan Williams

Are you a little too immersed in your children's ministry?

You're dedicated. You're reliable. You love kids. And you love your children's ministry--oh, yes you do! But it's summer…time to find a week or two to slow down and relax…right? Or are you so busy with the details, responsibilities, and to-do lists of ministry that you've forgotten what season it is…or maybe even what year?

If it's been awhile since you raised your head and looked around, if you and your ministry are virtually indistinguishable, then it might be time to step back for a little forced relaxation--and maybe even a vacation. Read on to see whether you've become too immersed in your children's ministry.

You might be just a little too involved in your children's ministry if…

...the custodians ask to borrow your keys every week.

...your idea of "the company car" is the church van in the parking lot. refer to one of the Sunday school classrooms as "my office."

...three or more church staff members have your home phone number on speed dial.

...the guys at U-Haul know you as Mr. or Mrs. "Sunday Morning." arrive an hour early, yet still walk into the service late.

...the church address is listed next to your name in the phone book. enter the sanctuary for service, and the entire congregation turns to look. have written permission to take money out of the offering plate as it's passed.

...the paparazzi doesn't bother you, but you really wish the youth pastor would leave you alone. love Monday mornings because you can finally relax.

...the board calls you at home to make sure its decisions are okay with you. know every child's name in your church-but you don't recognize your pastor. play bass in the praise band-from the sound booth.

...your Sunday-morning best and your work clothes are eerily similar. petition the church property committee for locker space.

...the pastor calls you "Sir" or "Ma'am," but you're not even half the pastor's age. refer to the fellowship hall as the "break room." wear rollerblades on Sunday morning as part of your work attire. consider Steve Taylor's song "I Want to Be a Clone" a great hymn of the faith.

...your summer vacation causes cancellation announcements in the bulletin.

Nathan Williams is a freelance writer, puppet maker, and former children's minister.

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