May/June 2016 Web Exclusives

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In each issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine we offer exclusive extra content, ideas, and downloadables found only at as a benefit to our subscribers. Use these Web Exclusives to help you as you minister to children and their families.

  • Sheep Picture: Use this picture of a sheep in “The Good Shepherd” activity to show how the good shepherd cares for us. (From “Nursery,” page 22.)
  • Pig Picture: Tape this picture of a pig to a paper bag when setting up for “The Lost Son Obstacle Course.” (From “Preschool,” page 25.)
  • Changing Picture Demonstration: Watch a demonstration of the changing picture trick in the “Changing Worry to Trust” activity to see how it works. (From “Elementary,” page 29.)
  • Approach the Compensation Conversation: Need a raise? Learn some tips for getting that raise without being pushy. (From “2016 Children’s Ministry Salary Survey,” page 61.)
  • Pearls of Wisdom: Print the “Pearls of Wisdom” handout, cut apart the cards, and place them in the balloons to make “pearls” of wisdom, as kids learn about their mothers’ wisdom on Mother’s Day. (From “Happy Summer Days,” page 92.)
  • Feathers: Don’t have time to make the feathers for the Father’s Day quiver? Print a handout with feather shapes instead. (From “Happy Summer Days,” page 96.)

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