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Bible Adventures - Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha
Luke 10:38-42


*Bible Activity: Busy Bee-Choose a leader. Have the children form a line facing the leader.

Have the leader say either "Martha was busy" or "Mary was quiet." When "Martha" is said, have the leader do an action such as run in place or turn around. The children in line should follow the leader. When "Mary" is said, everyone should stand still. The leader may try to trick the others by saying "Mary" and doing an action. Those who aren't tricked remain in the game and the round begins again.

After the game, tell the children the story about Mary and Martha from Luke 10:38-42. Then choose a new leader and play again.

*Craft: Quiet as a Mouse-Have children each fold a square of construction paper into a triangle and stand the triangle on the table. The point resting on the table will be the mouse's nose. Have the children cut mouse ears from a different color of construction paper and glue the ears on to their mouse. Help children draw eyes and a nose. Give children each a yarn tail to attach to their mouse. Remind kids that they can be as quiet as a mouse to listen quietly to God's Word-just as Mary did.

*Snack: You'll need: Bread, butter, a knife, and honey.

Directions: While kids spread the butter and honey on their bread, *ask: Which is more nourishing-honey or bread?

*Say: The Bible says that Jesus is the bread of life. Jesus can feed our souls if we spend time with him. Busy bees make honey. Honey is sweet but not very nourishing. Being busy doesn't feed our souls.

*Ask: How can you spend more time with Jesus, the bread of life, this week?

Close in prayer, asking Jesus to help kids spend quality time with him.

Contributors: Cindy Newell, Christine Yount, and Terry Vermillion

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