Mary and Martha: Grades One to Three


*Bible Activity: Noise Busters-Give kids a sheet
of paper and a pencil. Tell kids you have a very important project
for them to do. Then turn on a radio very loudly. Drum on the table
loudly as you give them instructions to draw a map to their home
from the church. The more noise the better so it’s difficult for
kids to hear you.

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After three minutes, stop the noise and *ask: How did you
feel as I gave you directions? How easy or difficult was it to
listen with all the distractions?

Read aloud Luke 10:38-42. *Ask: What distracted
Martha from listening to Jesus? What distracts you from listening
to God’s Word? How can you quiet those distractions this

*Craft: Don’t Disturb-Give kids a quarter sheet of
poster board. Have them each create a door-hanger for their room at
home. Kids can cut holes in their door-hangers to fit the doorknob
in your classroom. Encourage kids to be creative with the sayings
they write on their door-hanger, such as “When God speaks, I

*Snack: You’ll need: Bread, butter, a knife, and

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Directions: While kids spread the butter and honey on
their bread, *ask: Which is more nourishing-honey or bread?

*Say: The Bible says that Jesus is the bread of life.
Jesus can feed our souls if we spend time with him. Busy bees make
honey. Honey is sweet but not very nourishing. Being busy doesn’t
feed our souls.

*Ask: How can you spend more time with Jesus, the bread of
life, this week?

Close in prayer, asking Jesus to help kids spend quality time with

Contributors: Cindy Newell, Christine Yount, and Terry

Click here for the Mary and Martha lesson
for kids in Preschool to Kindergarten.



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