Managing vs. Leading


leadingThere are specific things that
separate leaders from managers-and knowing those differences can
help you stretch and grow in your role. A well-put differentiator
comes from leadership expert and author Steven Covey, who says,
“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success, while
leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the
right wall.”

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Leadership expert Ron Walters offers these insights about the
difference between leadership and management.

  • Big Picture vs. Down to Earth: Leaders
    generate vision, values, and purpose that result in a call to
    action. Managers channel and execute the action that leadership
  • Personal vs. Impersonal: Leadership is more
    personal, more relational, appealing to intuition and emotion that
    “points the way.” Management is more impersonal, appealing to the
    raw intellect with facts and figures. Management ensures that the
    organization stays on track.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether your style is
heavier on leadership or management.

  • Am I visionary or administrative?
  • Do I look through a telescope or a microscope?
  • How does my team see me-as a leader or a manager?

Wherever you fall along the spectrum, you can stretch yourself
by intentionally working on your weaker areas. The strongest
leaders are full spectrum, able to lead and manage equally

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