Make Outreach a “Snap” at Halloween!


Don’t wait until after your Halloween alternative event to start
thinking about how to get your visitors back to church on Sunday.
Some quick planning and a friendly face to welcome guests to your
party may lead to new church members later…

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What You’ll Need:

  • A welcome volunteer to greet visitors at the door to your
  • A camera — preferably digital;
  • A paper and pen to register guests as they come;
  • 5×7 card stock paper, envelopes, a glue stick, and stamps;
  • Optional: A tripod and a fun backdrop for your photos.

Before your event, recruit one of your church’s friendliest
individuals to be a welcome volunteer at the door to your event.
Ask them to greet visitors with a smile, and register their name
and contact information as they arrive. Then, with the family in
costume for the party, ask them to stand together for a fun photo
that will be mailed to them later. Use a digital camera if you have
access to one, so you can view the photo and make sure everyone’s
eyes are open and the photo looks good. If you’re using a film
camera, take a couple shots for good measure. To make the photo the
best it can be, use a tripod and create a fun backdrop by draping a
colorful cloth down from the wall, or painting a scene on a large
roll of art paper.

After the party is over, print the photos in the standard 4×6
size. Make sure you keep the pictures in the same order that you
took them in, and refer to your registry to know which photo goes
with each family. Glue the back of each photo, and center each one
on a piece of 5×7 cardstock. Then flip the card over to write a
kind note on the back. Be sure you use this opportunity to invite
the family back to church on Sunday. Slip each card in an envelope,
address and stamp them, and mail them off. If you had a lot of
visitors come, gather some friends to help you in this task, and
enjoy leftover treats from your event!

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