Make a Joyful Noise Preschool


Creative and entertaining ways to actively engage children in
praise and worship through fun Bible activities and games.

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1. Tug of Hugs — Have the children sit in a
circle on the floor.

Ask: How would a band sound if the instrument players
didn’t work together?

Read aloud Ephesians 5:19-20. Say: We show God how much
we love him when we sing together.

Hand a ball of yarn to a child and wrap the yarn around the
child’s waist. Then have the child pass the yarn to the next person
who wraps the yarn around his or her waist. Continue around the
entire circle until all the children are “knit” together.

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Have the children stand up and then move around as you play
music. After five minutes, say: We moved around the room
together. Now let’s make instruments together to praise God.

2. “Crazy-Praisy” Kazoos — Set out the
following materials: toilet paper tubes, wax paper, rubber bands,
pencils, markers and stickers. Have children each decorate the
outside of a tube and use a pencil to poke a hole about two-thirds
of the way down on the side of the tube. Help each child hold a
piece of wax paper over the end of his or her tube and secure it
with a rubber band.

Tell the children the trick to playing a kazoo is humming with
mouth closed and lips together into the open end of the tube. Play
or sing some praise music and have the children hum along with
their kazoos.

3. Lip-Smacking Musical Smiles — Give each
child a slice of bread. Have children each spread jelly, cream
cheese or peanut butter on their bread. Then have them make a happy
face on the bread using raisins, cereal, sunflower seeds or
chocolate chips. Play music with a variety of moods as children eat
their snacks and talk about how different music makes people feel
different ways.

4. Musical Pictures — In a line on the floor
place sheets of construction paper, one per child. Give children
crayons, and have them each sit beside a sheet of construction
paper and write their name on it. Play music. Have children draw on
the paper a picture of something they’d like to thank God for, such
as an animal or a person.

Stop the music and have children rotate to their left. The child
at the end will run to the other end of the line. Start the music
again and have children each add to their new picture the thing
they’re thankful for. Continue this game five more times. Then say:
We worked together to create pictures. Take your picture home to
remind you we can work together to praise God. Close in prayer.

Ages 4 And 5

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