Make a Joyful Noise Grades 5 and 6


Creative and entertaining ways to actively engage children in
praise and worship through fun Bible activities and games.

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1. Messenger — Lead kids in singing several
songs, such as “Jesus Is the Rock” or “River of Life.” Afterward,
ask: What is the message in each of these songs? Which is
more important — the music or the words? Explain.

Say: The words in songs often tell a story. As we
listen closely to songs, we can learn more about the songwriter and

2. Message Test — Tape three sheets of
newsprint to the wall. Write these phrases, one per sheet: “A
popular singing group you like,” “A singing group you don’t like”
and “Your favorite song.”

Ask: What makes you like or dislike a singing group?
Explain. What kinds of messages does your favorite group sing? your
least favorite group? What does your favorite song say about God?
How does it make you feel about being a Christian? Read aloud Philippians 4:8. Have kids each evaluate their
favorite group and song against each of the tests in this

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3. Music-Maker — On a table, lay a variety of
potential music-making supplies, such as empty containers, paper
clips, panty hose, balloons, pencils, rocks, cardboard, paper towel
tubes, rubber bands and thumbtacks. Give kids 10 minutes to build
an instrument using the supplies on the table and anything else
they find in the room.

4. Symphony — Write “country,” “rock,” “rap”
and “marching band” on different 3X5 cards — enough cards for each
child to have one. Give each child a card, and have children form a
group with others who have the same card.

Say: Name your group, choose a song to sing and prepare
to perform your song using the instruments you made.

Allow 10 minutes for groups to work on their musical creations.
Then have them present their songs. After each group presents its
song, have the whole group determine how the message of the song
could have a positive influence on listeners.

5. God’s Word — Read aloud Colossians 3:16-17. Have kids repeat verse 16
several times after you.

Say: God has given us music to enjoy and to communicate
with. Let’s be careful to listen to messages in music so we can
know if we are being influenced positively or negatively.
Give children fortune cookies that have the messages replaced with
Christian messages, such as “Praise the Lord” or “Sing to the
Lord.” Sing “Rejoice in the Lord” as a closing prayer.

Grades 5 And 6

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